Sevenoaks Nordic Walking


This is Sevenoaks Nordic Walking taught and led by Moira Clark, a professionally qualified and experienced fitness, Pilates & Nordic Walking instructor in Sevenoaks, Kent.

Outdoor exercise and activity is proven to have many health and fitness benefits both short and long term. Group exercise and activities are also proven to be beneficial for mental and emotional wellbeing providing an easy way of getting of social contact and support. All our groups are friendly, helpful and social as well as being physically active. Sevenoaks Nordic Walking has weekly groups walking, enjoying and benefiting from the regular activity of Nordic Walking.

Sevenoaks Nordic Walking has regular technique courses for beginners which lead into group walks for more experienced Nordic Walkers of all ages, fitness levels and ability.

This website aims to tell you what you want to know about Sevenoaks Nordic Walking, show the experiences of those who have already discovered how effective and enjoyable it is to exercise this way, and how Sevenoaks Nordic Walking groups are organised and run throughout the year.

Our walks are all in areas local to Sevenoaks including Sundridge, Brasted, Goathurst Common, Underriver, Knockholt, Chevening, Bitchet Green, Polhill, Badgers Mount and the areas surrounding Knole.

If there’s anything else you’d like to know, or if you have any other questions contact Moira Clark on 01732 453271 or e mail

I initially joined Nordic Walking just for the exercise.  But, I have discovered that a walk and chat with the ladies early on a Saturday morning is the perfect start to my weekend.   I have recently moved here and it has been a great way to explore the surrounding areas”.  

“What I love about Nordic Walking is discovering beautiful countryside in all seasons; getting outside in all weathers and meeting other women from all walks of life. Some weeks I push myself hard and focus on the exercise and other weeks I have a chat and take time to experience the surroundings.”

“The exercise keeps me fit and my back feels good. My randomly swelling knee, which used to cause me problems hasn't swollen once in the two years since I joined the group”.

“I took up Nordic Walking almost a year ago and can highly recommend it.  The walks are always previously plotted out for us by Moira so all we have to do is turn up and join the group.  I always feel invigorated after the walk and some of the views we see are amazing  and at places I would never have known existed.”


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